Satisfying Evening Snacks


Eating after 8:00 pm is totally ok. You just need to make smart choices, certain snack options can also negatively impact sleep and leave you wanting more. Portion control matters as well, if you are planning to sleep in 2-3 hours and you did not have a medium-high physical activity in the last hour, your snack at that time should have no more than 300 kcal.

Nature’s Garden Healthy Trail Mix Snack Packs

Contains mixed Nuts, Heart Healthy Nuts, Omega-3 Rich, Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Perfect For The Entire Family – 28.8 Oz Bag (24 Individual Servings). Nuts are packed with sleep-promoting omega-3 fatty acids, while both almonds and walnuts are filled with fiber, antioxidants, melatonin, and magnesium—plus a bit of plant protein, too.These nutritional perks will encourage overall health, satiety, and sleep. Plus, if you opt for lightly salted nuts, it can help to curb your salty cravings after dinner.

The Only Bean Crunchy Roasted Edamame

Plant-based savory and high protein snacks with texture and crunch. 100 calorie snack pack is an individually wrapped snack, easy for portion control.


The combination of dark chocolate, nuts, and sea salt not only satisfies sweet and savory cravings but also provides a delightful mix of textures. With nuts as a primary component, these bars deliver a good source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber. The dark chocolate adds a decadent touch without overwhelming the nutritional profile

IQBAR Brain and Body Plant Protein Bars

Bars are made using simple ingredients + brain nutrients. Bars are loaded with brain-boosting nutrients, such as Lion’s Mane, Magnesium, Vitamin E, MCTs & Flavonoids. Matcha flavor is better for mid-day snack but other flavors make perfect and nutrient-rich evening snack.

Popcorn SkinnyPop

Delicious and healthy snack popped to perfection. This snack is technically a whole grain that’ll provide a bit more fiber than other late-night, bagged snacks like potato chips or pretzels.

Fresh Veggies and Hummus or Guacamole

Crunchy foods are a common craving in the hours after dinner, fresh veggies like baby carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers, bell peppers are a perfect choice filled with nutrients. Dip them in hummus or guacamole to add proteins and healthy fats.

Perky Jerky Original Turkey Jerky

Low Sodium – 10g Protein per Serving – Low Fat – 100% U.S. Sourced – Handcrafted, Tender Texture and Bold Flavor. The tryptophan found in turkey (and chicken!) will help you have a more complete night’s sleep, making turkey jerky the perfect slightly salty night time snack. 

What are you favorite evening snacks?

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